I contain an ocean, islands, fjords burning forests, volcanic blasts, rivers coursing through me, teeming with wiggling fish. The Grizzly...


Tongue frozen mind empty only a series of habits now drink coffee smoke several bowls pop my pills some quite fun what else is there to...

Dying Light

The dying light, relit by the full moon's shine. Memories of you like a glowworm in my chest.


Getting lost in the labyrinth of your mind, finding my home beneath your skin,

The Loop

You cannot caress what isn't there and so I go on without a care brushing the trees, trimming the hair, writing endless poems "You cannot...


In most cases, I prefer my meat rare but with hearts, I like them blackened and smoking.

Her Whiskey Ways

She stepped out of a whiskey glass, the taste of it still clinging to her skin, and I drowned myself in her whiskey ways.


That mesmerizing twitch of your enticing lips, the fidgeting form, fingers on face, feet dancing, your voice, rumbling and rambling


Cursed to carry the missing piece, so heavy in my heart now, light as a feather when it was mine.


I have no pretty words to describe the ache, the empty place where someone should be.


Such gossamer lies delivered on such frail strings, tin can phones and tag you're it.


I contain an ocean, islands, fjords burning forests, volcanic blasts, rivers, coursing through me


Your bewitching glamour steadily chipped away, flake by flake, like a statue emerging from the marble.


She knows that I'm a slave to her every whim and so she tows me about on every failed venture, rotating her faces to propel us along the wa


These days bring decay and we are held together by the seductive glow, though where the light comes from, we do not know.


She slipped a powder some kid sold her into his bottle before the nightly binge began. She sat, quiet, still, making herself small


Come sit with me, my old melancholy, my dearest friend, we'll hold hands and watch the birds go by just as we used to do,