Blood on the Vine - Coming 1/21/21

Friends, it is with great excitement that I announce the upcoming release of my poetry collection Blood on the Vine. You can pre-order the eBook now, both the paperback and eBook will be available January 21, 2021.

"Dream Journal - the fight I had with the part of myself that wore your face, interrupted by a crowd of children, fingers heavy with gold and jewels, who made us laugh and forget"

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I contain an ocean, islands, fjords burning forests, volcanic blasts, rivers coursing through me, teeming with wiggling fish. The Grizzly part of me eating the salmon part of me. My blood and meat and


Tongue frozen mind empty only a series of habits now drink coffee smoke several bowls pop my pills some quite fun what else is there to do when the world has gone grey and all the branches are bare sm