Comedy as an Act of Service

Live is never easy but I think we can all agree that it has been particularly hard these past five years. Tensions are high because the stakes are high. I don't every want to downplay the struggles we are all facing right now or fail to acknowledge that some are struggling more than most. What I would like to do is encourage everyone to start laughing together again.

Not gallows laughter or laughing through the pain. I truly believe, from the bottom of my heart, that what we all need right now is to laugh at the dumbest, silliest, purest zaniness. I was watching The Stupids when I came to this realization. Have you seen it? It just revels in its own stupidity. There is a glorious innocence about it that I haven't seen in a film or TV show in quite some time. I'd like to bring it back.

I'm writing a comedy screenplay right now and I hope to make it as silly as possible. I'm encouraging everyone I come into contact with to set aside all of their dark, serious projects for a minute, turn their brain off, and just let some off-the-wall zaniness into the world. Belly laughs as needed, call me in the morning.


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