I have a poetry confession to make. I've never enjoyed poetry that imitated e. e. cummings. I felt that when he did it, it was fresh and groundbreaking. His style is so widely used now that it has stopped being either of those things. Lately, I've come to take a different view. While it may not be fresh and groundbreaking, those are not the only metrics that we judge poetry on. Now I see how it can have its own kind of beauty, a way of interrupting the rational mind and taking it on a journey that goes beyond syntax and structural conformity. Lately I've enjoyed playing around with negative space and how different structures can inform the overall tone. Here is my latest in this experimentation.

i can't hear

you -

too much


I also like to experiment with nonsense poems but that is nothing new. I love to unzip my brain and see what comes tumbling out.

a flock of squawk-

ing blackbirds

can-can on the tin-tin

clacking tapping grinning

beaky grins

as the waters rise.

My recent conclusion is that poetry shouldn't have rules, especially rules about not breaking the rules.

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