New Moon in Libra October 16th, 2020

On October 16th, 2020, the new moon will be in the sign of Libra. Libra as an astrological sign favors balance and harmony. This energy is complicated by opposition to Mars retrograde in Aries which brings a temptation to give in to anger and seek vengeance over justice. Bringing further complications is Luna’s square to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in Capricorn which you may find brings a flavor of stubborn righteousness to the anger stirred up by Mars. And just to bring a little extra chaos into your life, Mercury is in retrograde while all of this is playing out.

Luckily, all is not anger and chaos. Remember that we have the influence of diplomatic Libra to soften the rough edges. This celestial alignment provides us with ideal conditions for shadow work. There are many positions which are rife with triggers, while at the same time, other positions are perfect for seeking balance and resetting boundaries. Now is also a good time for relationship work (relationships of all kinds) but keep in mind that tensions will be high so all parties involved should be given a little extra space to process the emotional complexities that arise.

I pulled three tarot cards for the collective energies on this upcoming new moon from The Seekers’ Tarot: the Three of Shadows, Five of Earth, and the Mage of Shadows. On the bottom of the deck is the Five of Fire, mirroring the underlying energy of tension and conflict that we’ve already discussed. The Shadow Suit has no predetermined meaning, it is designed to invite you to intuit what your own shadow is telling you. I will give my interpretation for these cards in the context of this reading but I encourage you to remain open to whatever the cards mean to you personally.

With the Three of Shadows, you may find that certain shadow aspects are making themselves known to you through your dreams. Pay attention to your dreams over the next few days and journal about whatever messages or emotions come through. Spend a little time meditating on these images and impressions. They have come to you for a reason. The Five of Earth indicates that you or someone you are dealing with is feeling left out in the cold. This may not actually be the case but rather just a projection of insecurities onto the situation. Explore perception versus reality in relation to your relationships and try to move beyond knee-jerk reactions. The Mage (Queen) of Shadows resembles an owl which has a certain duality to it. It is at once the symbol of wisdom and mystical knowledge, as well as having a predatory nature and serving as a herald of death. This card represents the Gaea spirit from the book series Eudaimonia who also has what could be called a dual nature, nurturing and motherly with all of the fierce protective instincts that come with it. Explore which of your actions are nurturing the kind of life you want to build for yourself and which are simply coping mechanisms that no longer serve you.

While these energies are intense and sometimes unpleasant, they also contain the potential for a great deal of growth and healing. If you are able to lean into the intensity, great rewards are possible.

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