Poetry Roundup

Going forward, I will be posting my poetry here instead of on Twitter. I do not feel that Twitter is the best place to share my work. These are the first poems that I have written in 2021. I hope they bring you joy.

I want a love poem,

wistful words and swelling

cadence to tuck under my pillow at

night, I'd memorize the words

line by line, letting them

live in me, beating a steady rhythm

into my heart, but

the pages remain empty and

I blend into the background,

white noise, not a symphony

Honeyed figs and

coconut cream, dripping with

tropical juices,

morning light and hazy smoke,

familiar fictions, synthetic connections,

keeping the soft, dumb animal

that is me

alive for another day.

Piping hot stew and a blanket cocoon,

smoking by the fire

and tapping in

to spaces outside of

myself, warm waves of us

knitting the empty places


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