Review of Enjoy Me and Western Palaces

These two books form a series, told as through a collection of short stories. The stories are low on plot and high on vibes, those vibes being total chaos. The ultimate unreliable narrator, Luke suffers from hallucinations and can rarely tell them apart from reality. Even the other characters don't believe a word he says because you can't. You simply can't. That is part of what makes this series great, in my opinion. The premise allows for things to get wildly messy before resetting again at the beginning of the next story. Yet, through it all, there are threads of reality soaking through.

I have been a fan of Smith's work for some time now and this is the most unhinged I have seen his narrator yet. I especially love how things beyond the fourth wall begin to bleed through in Western Palaces. As we follow Luke from one weird situation to another, we are strapped in to a roller coaster going warp speed. Read them both right away.

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