Tarot Reading for Samhain 2020 & Full Moon in Taurus

I asked for a message from the other side and these four cards came flying out. (I asked for three cards but they have more to say, apparently.) The overall message I am getting from this reading is the need for us to make preparations for the near future by balancing inspiration and practical action.

Both the Messenger of Air and the Messenger of Water speak to me of passionate creation. The Messenger of Air enters the world by learning as much as she can. She wants the truth and nothing but. The Messenger of Water enters the world through the emotions, feeling everything as deeply as possible. With these energies comes with the potential of gaining wisdom very rapidly, which the Ace of Earth reminds us to ground into reality through practical action. The Ace of Earth is the stable new beginning which keeps the other energies focused so that they do not form a hurricane that sweeps us away from the tasks at hand. The Full Moon in Taurus also speaks to valuing practicality and physical abundance, even to the point of overindulgence. The Mage of Water speaks of taking control of your life so that you have the material and emotional resources to share your prosperity with others.

This is a bit of a balancing act and I feel that they are warning us of a time when we will have to be our own motivators, our own cheerleaders, our own providers, and continue to provide for others at the same time. It sounds tough, hence the need to begin making preparations now. Look within to get in touch with what drives you. Be frugal with your time, energy, and resources. Make a plan for yourself over the next three to four months so that there is no danger in getting lost in this wilderness when it appears. Keep reminding yourself where you are going and why. Key words for this reading are passion, wisdom, strength, and empathy.

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