The Seekers' Tarot now available in ebook format!

I'm so excited to announce that this beautiful work of art is now available as an ebook or PDF.

The Seekers' Tarot book is a companion to The Seekers' Tarot deck is a companion to the novels and short stories of Eudaimonia, written by Micah Chaim Thomas. In this work, Lynn-Cee Faulk and Micah Chaim relate the meaning of the tarot to their biographies and the sense of being seekers of the mysteries, seekers of connection with others. In a way, this is also an art book, filled with symbolism and color.

This book will not teach anyone how be a tarot reader. We hope it will provide something of value to you. That something may be what you needed on your path through this strange and stranger world.

You can buy the PDF directly from us here.

You can buy the ebook from Amazon here,

Other international links can be found at

The book is the companion to the Tarot deck of the same name. The Seekers' Tarot wraps the tarot symbols around the Eudaimonia series of books. This tarot deck was designed by Micah Chaim Thomas and Lynn-Cee Faulk. The images connect to scenes and characters in Micah's series of books, Eudaimonia. The deck is available here.

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