The Witching Tree

Recently I had the great honor of appearing in a poetry anthology featuring the works of:Marie Casey, Elizabeth Estochen, myself, Robin Smith, Cassondra Windwalker,and Hillary Woods. All proceeds go to Eden Projects and so we chose trees as the collective theme. The poets who appeared in this anthology beside me are some of the most talented and thoughtful people you will ever encountered. I feel so blessed to be included.

About Cassondra Wildwalker - Cassondra Windwalker is a poet, essayist, and novelist presently writing full-time from the southern Alaskan coast. She enjoys hearing from readers via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, smoke signals, and interstellar songs.

About Marie Casey - Marie is often found tip-tapping away at a keyboard or face deep into a book. In her past life, she was a timid, cave-dwelling mouse. Now she seeks to experience sunlight in the dream of sharing her thoughts, feelings, and words with the flowers she has admired for years. Find her on Twitter at @mariecaseywrites

About Elizabeth Estochen - Elizabeth is a queer, non-binary writer, editor, podcaster, and marketing professional in Denver, Colorado. For Love, and for Cruelty is her first collection of poetry, published by WordTech Editions in January, 2020.

About Robin Smith - Robin Smith is a femme, queer, writer & scholar originally from Northern California. Robin is the author of the chapbook "Confessions of a Love Addict" (Dancing Girl Press, 2020) winner of the Academy of the American Poets Prize, Thomas McGrath Award for poetry, the Katherine B. Tiffany Award, among others.

About Hillary Woods - "We all have an ideal version of ourselves that we keep in our hearts and speak from when we are describing ourselves. I am on a mission to become her. I am working to make the changes to myself and my life I have been telling myself for years it is not the right time. The first is that I am a poet, an artist. I am creating every day, revising, learning new skills, and working towards growth. You are welcome to join me!"

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